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faculty and department

There’are 20 colleges and 16 departments, and 1 teaching research department subordinated to 7 Faculties 

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Faculty of Arts and Humanities

College of Humanities

Mr. Xia Quanrong

Tel: 86-571-88273092  Email:

School of International Studies

College of Media and International Culture

Ms.Yang liqiu 

Tel: 86-571-88206176  Email:

Ms.Bao Yiling 

Tel: 86-571-88273485  Email:

Faculty of Social Science

College of Economics

Ms. Yu Ruoyan

Tel: 86-571-87951610

Guanghua Law School

College of Education

Ms. Feng Lijun

Tel: 86-571-86592725

Ms. Chen Hongyu

Tel: 86-571-88273140

College of Management

College of Public Administration

Ms. Li Jinglan

Tel: 86571-88206858    Email:

Ms. Wu Xiumei

Tel: 86-571-87953742   Email:

Teaching and Research Institute of Political Theory

Faculty of Science

Ms. Wang Jin

Tel: 86-571-88276272  Email:中文)

Ms. Guo Xiaohui, Mr. Ma Xingchao

Tel: 86-571-87952058中文)

Department of Mathematics

Department of Physics

Mr. Ruan Huojun

Tel:86-571-87953831 Email:

Mr. Qian Yungui

Tel:86-571-87953259 (中文)

Department of Chemistry

Department of Earth Sciences

Ms. Dongyan


Ms. Fang Youjun


Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Faculty of Engineering

Mr. Shui Rende

Tel:86-571-88273337 Email:

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Material Science and Engineering

Ms Yaoli  

Tel: 86-571-87951181  Email:

Ms. Wang Yuping 

Tel: 86-571-87952293    Email:

Department of Energy Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Mr. Wang Zhongming

Tel: 86-571-87951325    Email:

Ms. Xu Honghua

Tel: 86-571-87951538    Email:

College of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Mr. Ding Yuanxin 

Tel: 86571-88208677

Ms. Zhu Gengyu, Ms. Wang Angran

Tel: 86-571-86951237

Department of Ocean Science and Engineering

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Mr Wufeng

Tel: 86-571-88208887  Email:

Mr.Xu Xiaojun

Tel: 86571-87952897   Email:

Department of Polymer Science and Engineering

Faculty of Information Technology

Mr.Wang Gaohe

Tel: 86-571-87951308    Email:

Department of Optical Engineering

Department of Information Science and Electronic Engineering

Mr. Zhu Jian

Tel: 86-571-86953023   Email:

Ms. Huang Lei

Tel: 86-571-87951555   Email:

Department of Control Science and Engineering

College of Computer Science and Technology

Ms. Zhu Xiaoye

Tel: 86-571-87951135   Email:

Mr. Chen Hangyu

Tel: 86-571-87952886    Email:中文)

College of Software Technology

College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science

Mr. Fang Hongguang

Tel: 86-574-27830608    Email:中文)

Mr. Qian Mingqi

Tel: 86-571-87951249    Email:

Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environment Science

College of Life Sciences


Ms. Lv Qin

Tel: 86-571-88206483   Email:

School of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science

College of Environmental and Resource Sciences

Ms Zhao Yunxian

Tel: 86-571-88982559   Email: 尚无外网地址

Mr. Liu Jisong

Tel: 86-571-88982963   Email:

College of Agriculture and Biotechnology

College of Animal Science

Mr. Ma Yongfang

Tel: 86-571-88982537   Email:

Ms. Ni Weiju

Tel: 86-571-88982603   Email:

School of Medicine

School of Basic Medical Science

Ms. Chenye

Tel86-571-88208030 Email:

Ms. Ma Weining

Tel: 86-571-88208093   Email:

School of Public Health

College of Pharmaceutical Science

Ms Li Qin

Tel: 86-571-88208102   Email:中文)

Ms. Yu Feibo

Tel: 86-571-88208416   Email: