About HR Department

The Human Resources Department’s responsibilities including:

(1)  Executing the course, policy, laws and regulations on human resources of the Party and state.

To carry out macro-planning, integrated management, supervisory services.

To develop and implement reform program, rules and regulations on human resources management of the school.

(2)  Together with relative departments to participate in document drafting and implementation on administrative and organizational restructuring.

To dispatch document on appointment or removal of administrators and administrative department establishment.

(3)  To draw up personnel quota manpower plan.

(4)  To manage comprehensively on post assignment for faculty members and technical post evaluation on professional techniques

(5)  To assess staff to tailor rewards and punishment. To take charge of professionals and outstanding talents employment, examination and approval and management.

(6)  Together with relative departments and colleges to draft developing plan on staff and professional technique team development.

(7)  According to decision and suggestion of talent recruitment leading group to guide and coordinate with colleges and departments to recruit talents.

(8)  To draw up and implement documents and rules on post-doctor recruitment, cultivation and management once been passed.

To run the post-doctor foundation.

To run the post-doctor station.

To run the post-doctor fellowship.

(9)  To adjust and manage salary, subsidy and allowance.

To draw up reform plan on school distribution policy in order to manage labor employment, social security and faculty’s welfare comprehensively.

(10)  To select and exam applicants for government-sponsored overseas study program while manage cooperatively with relevant departments.

(11)  To collect information and manage about school faculty studying or working abroad.

  To run research fund for investigators back from abroad.

(12)  To offer certification on retirement, resign and employment.

 To calculate subsidy on reduced and discharged faculty.

 To offer certification on length of service, school age or income.

(13)  Together with relevant departments to offer work-related injury certification, funeral expenses and pension.

(14)  To transfer and employ faculty.

 To recruit part-time faculty.

(15)  To draw up policy and regulations on talents exchange.

 To manage job transfer and contracts.

(16)  To manage labor and capital resources statistics and information.

(17)  To help settle down military been transferred to civilian work and demobilized soldiers.

 To examine and approve employing plan on temporary workers.

(18)  To receive and manage domestic visiting scholar.

 To run high-level seminar.

(19)  To file and archive documents according to relevant rule and regulations.

(20)  To sent information to school in time correctively.

 To answer questions about human resources and shoulder other responsibilities.