Academic Leave Policy

1.   Professor, sabbatical, is arrange a relatively concentrated time for the professors working for long-term commitment to teaching and research, engaged in activities related to personal research studies such as the further improve, academic visit, summarize research and teaching experience, writing papers, compile textbooks, wrote books and other academic activities. The form of Academic leave can be diversity. Access to international well-known university study visit, or to the domestic first-class university or strength discipline for academic exchanges, or concentrated study summary, writing books on the subject and other forms all can be.

2.   The academic leave of the professor can temporarily decide as arranging half year every 4 years.Any our school's incumbency teaches, teaching research the workload is full (average results point above the average performance of same discipline professors), nearly 4 years has not enjoyed the academic leave, or the cumulative abroad time (excluding international conferences and short-term study) is not more than six months are eligible to apply.

3.   Academic leave application is put forward by the professor himself, and fill out the form for approval. Be reported to the personnel department to examine and keep on record, after agreeing by college administration meeting approval. The  academic leave application of the college leader presided over the party and political, is accepted by the personnel department and requite the examination and approval of the school leaders in charge .The academic leave needs to declare in advance and is generally no less than for a semester time in advance, namely in the first half year, before  the end of April apply for the second half year academic leave, in the first half year ,before the end of October , apply for the first half year academic leave of the next year.

4.   Wages and benefits, post allowances and performance benefits remain unchanged during the academic leave. The academic leave time shall be deducted from the teaching workload in the annual assessment.

详见《浙江大学实行教授学术假制度的暂行办法》(浙大发人〔200330 号)。