New Star Plan

1.   Requirement and Conditions

1)   Mainly for the members of national or provincial key discipline and members who was selected by the national, provincial talent plans;

2)   No less than 2 years in service at school after receiving PhD

Candidates from scientific, engineering or agricultural disciplines should under 35-year-old, generally, while for those from medical, humanities and economic management disciplines, the age limit could be raised

3)   In charge of state-level project, Once published more than two papers as the first author in SCI, SSCI or EI and the domestic authority publication

2.   Funding standard

The expenses during going abroad is approved by 2 million dollars/people annually, and the schools and the people going abroad(or research group) share this burden by 1:1 ratio . In addition, the schools provide two round-trip international travel (economy class) for the selected going abroad people, the sent overseas personnel continue enjoy the school salaries, allowances and other benefits during in foreign countries

3.   Assessment and Reward

After the dispatched returning home, the College will assess his work, and the results would be reported to the personnel department in the school. The assessment result is divided into into excellent, qualified, unqualified third-class. After returning to good assessment of who to keep the original posts and the corresponding level of subsidy will be based on the actual situation of the other schools to provide some funding for research awards; for those who pass the examination, maintaining the original position and the corresponding level of benefits; for those who failed the examination, will be re-assessed the post employment level.

详见《浙江大学学术带头人后备人才出国研究专项计划实施办法》(浙大发人〔200552 )