The Teacher's homepage construction work mobilization deployment and training conference


      Teacher's homepage construction mobilization and training conference is held on July 9th at Zijingang Campus.

      Shaobo Ren, the Executive Vice President of Zhejiang University, attended and gave a speech. The training was conducted by the head of the Human Resources Department to introduce the background and progress of the construction of the teacher's homepage and the technical staff provided practical training about the operation of the platform.

      Teacher's homepage is the basic work to promote teaching and research, inter-disciplinary cooperation, highlight the academic reputation of the university and boost the construction of "double first-class". It is also an important part of the construction of "online zhejiang university". The school has set up a special working group composed of Human Resources Department, International Relations Department, Information Technology Center, Office of the Leading Group for Informatization Construction, Party Committee Propaganda Department and other departments, and has made great efforts to promote the construction of the new version of teachers' personal homepage within the university. This work needs multi-party linkage and cooperation, takes the information and the function practical as the basic request, starts from the comprehensive consummation specialized teacher Chinese and English individual homepage, plans to finish before the end of this year.

      In his speech, Shaobo Ren mobilized the leaders of all relevant units that, to smoothly and successfully carry out this special work, requiring unifying thoughts and raising awareness. All disciplines and colleges should be well organized and fully implemented to create the exclusive "golden name card" for teachers. The special working group strengthened supervision and continuous improvement, and promoted the construction of personal homepage with first-class standards.